North Coast Journal Reviews

A New Generation and a Legacy: Art Graduates' Exhibition at HSU's Reese Bullen Gallery


"Standouts include the blazing woodcut "Alpine Glow" by Xochiyolotl Harbison and a digitally interpellated portrait in chartreuse by Dominique Birdsong, as well as Nathan Liam's engagingly trippy painting "Pink Jungle" and Luciano Duran's beautiful photograph "Microcosm," with its dimly luminous forms that appear to be twirling slowly in the dusk."

"Speed Round: Arts! Arcata shows to hit this month"

Katie Herbst,  The Church: Detroit,  2017

Katie Herbst, The Church: Detroit, 2017

"...these elegiac images discover a weird, serendipitous beauty in the architectural husks that litter the American landscape — in peeling paint and dust encrusted floors, in the moment when the light catches a stained glass panel in a church otherwise relinquished to decay." —North Coast Journal, Nov. 9, 2017

"Three Native Artists Carry the Weight: Brittany Britton, Brian Tripp and Robert Benson at Piante Gallery"

Brittany Britton,  Burden Basket (Carry that Weight),  2017

Brittany Britton, Burden Basket (Carry that Weight), 2017

"What They Bring, What They Carry brings together artworks by Brian Tripp, Brittany Britton and Robert Benson — artists of Karuk, Hupa and Tsnungwe descent, respectively, who grew up in and around reservations in the Hoopa and Two Rivers regions." —North Coast Journal,  Nov. 7, 2017